C. D. Book


In People on March 8, 2011 at 3:31 am

Didn’t America win the Revolutionary War? Didn’t the United States declare independence  from Britain and rule by monarchy?  I believe the founding fathers instituted a republic, true? But you would never know it by the sycophantic media attention that is being paid to the upcoming wedding of  Kate Middleton and Prince William.  OMG! Please my finger is halfway down my throat: anymore headlines with Kate Middleton’s name in them and I’ll shove it all the way down and spew all over my comp. I’ll use it as an excuse to purchase another and tell the Geek Squad to eradicate all mention of you-know-who.  Really! Why are so many Americans such Anglophiles? Is it the media feeding us this slop or do we just know we love to eat it up  and  lick our lips?

copyright 2011 XtraOpinion C.D. Book


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