C. D. Book

The Middle Class Scam

In Politics on March 9, 2011 at 9:17 am

 Below are two articles, the first from the Huffington Post and the second from The Daily Beast,  that illustrate the current meme playing out all over the media that the ‘fight” should be between public and private sector workers instead of between the corporate elite, their paid politicians and the American middle class.  If workers buy into this scam we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves when our only employment will be serving corporate masters: not only have most of the manufacturing jobs deployed overseas but service and technical positions are leaving also. What’s left?  Our masters will need their mansions cleaned, their streets swept, their hotels, office buildings and resorts kept spotless and their shoes shined with spit.

The American worker, both public and private deserves respect and this includes collective bargaining.

Government Worker Benefits See Political Battles Playing Out In State Capitals.

Wisconsin Union Fight: Gov. Walker’s Nuclear Option – The Daily Beast.

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