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Fails (Some Epic)

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Too Big to Prosecute

How Wall Street Crooks Get Out of Jail Free

“If you could employ an associate who pretends to be sympathetic to the unions’ cause to physically attack you (or even use a firearm against you), you could discredit the unions,” the email said.”
Says it all.

Indiana Prosecutor Encourages”False Flag” Assault on Walker to Discredit Wisconsin Unions 

“In southeast Florida last week, first-term GOP Rep. Allen West, a tea party favorite, called for changes that some might consider radical: abolish the Internal Revenue Service and federal income tax; retain tax cuts for billionaires so they won’t shut down their charities; stop extending unemployment benefits that “reward bad behavior” by discouraging people from seeking new jobs.” Just stupid: and actual people voted for this guy.

GOP Seems Poised to Take on Entitlements

“For billionaires to see themselves as the True Victims, to complain that the President and the Government are waging some sort of war against them in the name of radical egalitarianism, is so removed from reality — universes away — that’s it’s hard to put into words.  ”

Billionaire Self Pity and the Koch Brothers

“Would you like some salmonella with those budget cuts?”

These GOP Budget Cuts Might Make You Puke (or Worse)

“This is what it has come to for the Republican Party: The lead-off contest for its next presidential nomination — an event that has played a vital role in winnowing GOP fields since 1980 — will be utterly dominated by voters with ravenous appetites for  attacks on gays, Muslims, President Obama’s “otherness” and godless liberalism in general.”

The GOP’s Iowa problem

Attack on the rights of women: just another day for the GOP

The GOP’s Plan to Fund Anti-Abortion Activists

Your GOP Big Brother

American Thought Police

Charities Don’t Need No Money

Tax break for charitable giving targeted 

Class War:  its what’s happening

Bipartisanship Gained: Tax Cuts for the Rich, Shared Sacrifice for Everyone Else;

Anchor Babies and Terror Babies

Campaign to Rewrite 14th Amendment is About Politics, Not Facts

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