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Michelle Malkin Hates Children

In Fails, Media, People on April 16, 2011 at 12:46 am

Today Michelle Malkin reveals herself to be a hate-filled, self-important narcissist.  Malkin’s most recent post,

Goodbye, AmeriCorps. Hello, FoodStampCorps.

 locks it in: she doesn’t care about starving children or the well-being of the elderly.  MM hates AmeriCorps and has since President Obama fired Inspector General  Gerald Walpin . On April 11 a court of appeals rejected  Walpin’s  contention that he should be reinstated. Does Malkin cover this story? Uh, no.

Malkin has had  a hate-on for AmeriCorps for quite sometime, going so far as referring to the organization as “AmeriCrooks“.    That’s because her life belief system  commands self-reliance. No matter that Americans lost their jobs to the Great Recession. Malkin posts a graph showing the increase in food stamp recipients for the past three years and attributes the increase to Pres. Obama. Huh? The Great Recession was brought about by Wall Street gambling: something MM doesn’t  want to admit. Even Malkin’s beloved Fox News acknowledges the relationship between  unemployment and the record number of  food stamp recipients.

Malkin has problems with VISTA, a program founded in 1965 “designed specifically to fight  poverty” and placed under the AmeriCorps umbrella in 1993.  VISTA works with the poverty-stricken exclusively.  Quote from MM:

Yes, across the Internet, the feds are recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA (“Volunteers in Service to America”) workers to apply for jobs as publicists for the welfare state. Their mission: to sign up as many people to federal food stamp rolls as possible.

She goes on to describe a “typical” VISTA job opening in Boston for a Food Stamp Coordinator.  This is an internship position and would work with the local Elderly Commission to assist eligible senior citizens with applying for food stamps. Malkin resents what she perceives as the unnecessary expansion of the “welfare state”.  She wonders why existing social service and welfare agencies can’t do the job: why does VISTA need additional employees and volunteers (the position in Boston is unpaid: something Malkin doesn’t mention) ? Why are “left-wing” churches being asked to assist families in need with applying for school lunch programs and serving as sites for the Summer Food Service Program? I dunno but I can guess. Existing resources are maxed-out due to the relationship, again, between the high unemployment rate and increased need. Malkin seems unable to grasp that the unemployed and their families don’t lose their need to eat along with their jobs.

Malkin resents that workers for VISTA may be eligible for food stamps themselves since any wages paid to VISTA workers aren’t much (certainly much less than Malkin accrues). So she selectively quotes a VSITA blog  hoping none of her true believers will click through the link and insinuates VISTA workers apply for food stamps as a “perk”. Truth is the stipend available to VSITA workers is so little that they qualify for food stamps . See how that works?

Malkin hates the food stamp program or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)  as  it has been termed since 20o8. According to the USDA  nearly half (48%) of SNAP recipients in 2009 were children.  How does Malkin’s self-reliance BS equate? Guess she hates children.

Truth is Michelle Malkin would pull the wings off of Tinkerbell if she had the chance. Her soul is *that* small.

Just a lil side dish: I noticed that one of the ads on Malkin’s blog is for “Free  Govt. Supported Cell Phones”. The link leads to Safe-Link, a company that provides cell phone service for  low-income Americans. Safe-Link states that to qualify for the phone one must usually be on one or more government assistance programs (including SNAP). The actual phones are provided by the company but our government subsidises the minutes. This program was first enacted by Pres. Reagan in  1984 . At the time qualifying Americans received a  deduction to their landline  bill.

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Needless to say, I was surprised when Malkin cited my post. Honestly I have very minimal expectations when it comes to bloggers, but her lack of any attempts at dialogue are very disappointing to me. If she had any shed of decency (or concept of fairness, accuracy, real journalistic ethics etc.) she would obviously have at least reached out to me before citing my entry.

    Taken in context, when I say one of the benefits of serving as a VISTA is food stamps, I am obviously being ironic. My point is that people who choose to be AmeriCorps VISTAs choose to live at the poverty line in order to serve their country and provide capacity-building services to nonprofit and governmental organizations. My joke is that we gladly accept living at the poverty line in order to serve our country- food stamps honestly make it so that we can pay the bills and continue to serve.

    I am proud to serve my country and hate-mongers like Malkin can’t do anything to make me regret it even the slightest bit.

    Yours in service,

    Mike E

    • You folks couldn’t get a job in the private sector, so please spare me the self-righteous justification for your VISTA paycheck.

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