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In Cats on May 11, 2011 at 11:41 pm

I love ’em! Anyone who says all cats are alike has never had more than one cat. Our family “owns”  (yeah, right) lots of cats plus we care for a feral colony. I’ll be posting pics and stories about our cats.

This is  Mini, one of four siblings, two boys, two girls. Her mother, Sweetface, brought all four kittens to our home cuz she knew we would feed them.  They came every night. When it became cold in Nov. 2006 Mini jumped into my husband’s lap and he brought her in.

This is Lucky; wish I had a better pic. In 1994 she was found hanging by one leg on a friend’s  farm fence. The leg had to be amputated but Lucky doesn’t know it and gets around on three legs just fine. She is currently 17 and a half years old.

King is Mini’s brother. Both of them are  very fluffy. We call them “fluffikins”.  After Mini demanded to be brought in my husband brought King in the next morning.

This is my sweetheart, Dandy. She’s a tiny cat, grey and white.  Her mother disappeared after we had her fixed. We caught Dandy, who was very young , not with food, but  with a pink neon mouse toy. Like many formally feral cats she has attached herself to one person however she loves cuddling with our other cats.

This is T-Boy and Jesse. T-Boy is the brother to Mini and King. He is the sweetest cat EVER.  He helped Dandy accept humans. Jesse is probably the kitten to Sweetface (before we could catch and have her fixed). She’s a sweetie too but has aligned herself  to one member of our family.

Do you love cats? Then do what you can to ensure  cats have good homes. There is a  difference between stray and feral cats. Stray cats  have had human  contact,  feral cats have had little or no human contact. Feral cats are the result of us humans not spaying  and neutering  our pets. You  can help feral cats by  trapping them, having them fixed, then releasing them to their familiar environment. Please see Ally Cat Allies for more information.


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