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This is Why Progressives Don’t Win

In Economy, Fails, Media on April 13, 2011 at 11:02 pm

The Nation has blinders. Shame on them.


The Democratic Base is an Enabler

In Fails, People, Politics on April 13, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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It’s pathetic that today’s Gallup Poll indicates that 80% of  Americans who identify as  Democrats approve of President Obama. Really it’s mind-blowing. The so-called Democratic “base” is an enabler and Obama knows it. The President doesn’t have to keep his campaign promises or “Change”  the government status quo because his ‘base” will blindly worship no matter the betrayal.

  His promise to assist Americans losing their homes to foreclosure (HAMP) was a joke; a complete failure. Banks were allowed to screw homeowners with impunity and the Obama administration was silent. Candidate  Obama promised there would be windfall profit taxes for oil companies: three budget plans and no mention: promise broken. How about his adamant attitude that the Bush tax cuts would not be extended for high earners? The cuts were extended in Dec. 2010 with Obama’s approval.  Increase capital gains and dividends taxes for the wealthy: sorry, can’t do. Obama promised to phase out exemptions and deductions for higher earners, also failure. He said he would extend the child and dependent care credit and end income tax for seniors making less than $50,000: again, failure.

The list goes on:

Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (huge campaign promise). Not only will Gitmo not be closed it will remain open so that detainees can be tried there instead of a court of law in the US.

Bradley Manning is being held without due process; the administration  knows about it and doesn’t care. Many human rights organizations have condemned  Manning’s inhumane treatment. Bush/Cheney lives on in the current administration.

Pres. Obama can claim his own war now and without congressional approval.

Create cap-and-trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming: nope.

Candidate Obama promised to centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters and to institute tougher rules against  the revolving door for lobbyists and former government officials. Meh, what a joke!

We Democrats must enjoy being obsequious , brain-dead idiots. Is there any other explanation for the poll that puts Obama’s approval rating at 80% among Democrats?  Glenn Greenwald  is correct :

Conventional D.C. wisdom — that which Obama vowed to subvert but has done as much as any President to bolster — has held for decades that Democratic Presidents succeed politically by being as “centrist” or even as conservative as possible. That attracts independents, diffuses GOP enthusiasm, casts the President as a triangulating concilitator, and generates raves from the DC press corps — all while keeping more than enough Democrats and progressives in line through a combination of anti-GOP fear-mongering and partisan loyalty.

The Prez is quite aware that his “base”  is not going anywhere: we’re a glutton for his punishment. The Gallup poll ending week of April 10 shows Obama’s’ approval rating among independents to be 39%;  a 4 percentage point drop from the previous week.  Get the picture? The president is nowhere near the “change agent” he claimed to be: he’s fully aware that he needs to appeal to the swing voters. After all like most powerful individuals he wants to remain in power as long as possible.

If you don’t believe that Obama has Democrats by the short hairs read this piece at Salon by Steve Kornacki who evidently believes that Democrats are exceptionally stupid.

 I doubt that most casual Democratic voters have the same passion about and understanding of most of the issues that Obama has supposedly sold them out on. Poll results on individual policy issues tend to be extremely misleading. Most voters simply don’t follow policy debates nearly as closely as political commentators do. Their feelings are often ill-formed and malleable. When presented with an isolated policy question, they’re prone to give one response, only to reverse themselves when given more information. Thus, we now see polls that show voters overwhelmingly opposed to raising the debt ceiling. Why? Because they instinctively view debt as a bad thing. Why would we ever want to raise the ceiling on it? But then ask them if they’d hold the same opinion if it meant slashing Medicare and their answers change.

Poor wittle Democrats we don’t know nothing!  Or maybe Kornacki is correct: we don’t give a damn as long as a Democrat is in the White House. Doesn’t matter if he favors the wealthy or violates civil liberties or starts a war (yeah, I listened to his speech today: *that* was Candidate Obama speaking; will he fool us again?)

What to do? The Democratic “base”; those who believed in “Change” need to demand that Pres. Obama stick to his word. I understand the word compromise but I don’t support capitulation.

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